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Inside Out is a company that works with senior executives and teams to help them improve performance.

In sport, the more successful that sportsmen and women become the more they rely on coaches to help them achieve peak performance. Increasingly, businesses are coming to realise that helping their executives to improve their performance is achievable in a similar way with beneficial results on staff retention, motivation and more often than not the bottom line. So confident is John of his ability to impact and improve performance that he backs his methods with a money-back guarantee.

In professional sport it is a given that all contestants will be supremely fit; and yet the winners have that extra ingredient of mental preparation and the same is true of business executives. The better prepared mentally the team are, the more successful they will be. Through the utilisation of bespoke tools and methodologies, John works with people to help them achieve Peak Performance.

John is not an employee of Orr Simpson, nor does Inside Out have any formal affiliation, however we have known John for a number of years and have always been impressed with his professionalism. We recommend any client or candidate who feels they may benefit from his unique style of coaching, or who wish to find out more about the benefits to contact John or visit his website direct.

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